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Just me and mom! by Ann Treacy
September 14, 2007, 6:55 am
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Mom and I went to the town. We went  shopping! She got a dress, and some boots.I got a electric pencil,and a new diary.Kate (my sis) got a giant earser/rubber,and a pencil case.Aine (my other sis) got some pony tales.We went in duble decker bus on the top of corse.after shopping we went to Eddie  Rockets.Last sunday we went to a farm we saw some chickens,littel ponys,ducks/gesse,goats/ sheep,and lots of plants.My teacher is Mrs.Phelan(F-ee-lan)My helper teacher is Mrs.Fahy(f-h-ee) We get to wear a sweatsuit for gym.My email adress is lily@10 questionsabout.com.Please coment my blog please!That’s all folks!

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I am lily

Comment by Ann Treacy

I love to read your blog, Lily. I don’t miss you so much when I hear about what your doing. Are you able to figure out the difference between dollars and euros? What’s your favorite class in school? Do you miss not having boys in your school? I guess Kate must have broken her arm because we never hear from her (just kidding, Kate). love and miss you, Grandma

Comment by grandma T

Hi Lily! It is great to read your message. It sounds as if you are having a great time. Special thank you for telling us how to pronounce your teachers’ names. That really helps. I’m listening to Garrison Keillor and wondering if you listen to that in Dublin. I wonder if it’s on the radio – I know it’s on your NEW broadband internet.

What are you going to do on your birthday? Do you get to take treats for school? Do the Irish kids have birthday parties same as St. Paul kids? I’m SURE you get presents!!!!!

I went to Macaroni Grill this week to celebrate Zoey’s 4th birthday (that’s the little girl that my friend Kay babysits for). I thought about all the fun birthdays I’ve had with you girls. The same man with the beautiful voice came and sang Happy Birthday – AND we had that fabulous chocolate cake and ice cream. I may have to go back on YOUR birthday and tell them I’m celebrating long distance!!!

I’m baking rolls and I have to get them out of the oven before I start the house on fire!

Thanks for the great email. Say Hi to Kate, Aine and your mom and dad! Love, Aunt Mary

Comment by Aunt Mary

Greetings from Minnesota. I am your second cousin Denise (Eli’s Mom). I am so excited that you have this blog, so we can keep up with all your adventures. Eli is back in school and kind of loving it. I think he likes it more than he wants to admit. How do you think the schools in Ireland compare to your school in St. Paul? How many students are in your class? Eli only has 9 classmates and only 110 students in the whole school. How big is your school? Well I look forwarding to seeing more of your adventures. Take care and tell everyone that the Evans family say hello. Love, Denise

Comment by Denise

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