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Culture Dublin by Ann Treacy
September 16, 2007, 7:50 am
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Last night Patrick and I went into town for Culture Dublin. There were free cultural events at 80 venues across Dublin. We had our map and a plan. I wanted to go for the free dance lessons and the Bollywood dance exhibit. Patrick wanted to go see some lecture at the Abbey Theatre.

We got into town early – 5:15. We started at the National Museum. (Clearly on Patrick’s list.) So we saw lots of Viking relics. They were pretty cool. The building was amazing. They were setting up the wine and appetizers, which started at 6:00. So we move onto the National Library and saw the Yeats exhibit. (Again, Patrick’s list.) And again we were early but the exhibit was well done – very interactive.

So then we headed to maybe see something on my list – and we ran into Kieran Folliard (owner of Kieran’s). In fact Patrick and I walked right past him, luckily he is more observant.

So we headed with Kieran to the Shelbourne Hotel Bar, which is very swanky. Luckily I was wearing my cool new boots and dress. We ended up there most of the night until I persuaded Patrick that we should see a little bit more of Culture Dublin.

There were supposed to be women in big butterfly costumes in Stephen’s Green – but we didn’t see them. It was about 9:15 and what we learned was not most of the places we tried were closing, despite the fact that they were supposed to be open until 10.

Finally we ended up touring a third rate art gallery in Temple bar and see some experimental art installments – like the one of the giant TV. It mostly looked like someone’s living room – someone with lots of teenagers.

So we headed back to meet up with Kieran and ended up at a fairly swanky pub/club called Café in Seine.

Then we took a cab home, which really wasn’t too expensive.

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Hi, I too went into the culture nite, on the way home I got to thinking that I had a different but enjoyable nite I had without spending too much money, when I got home I did some googling and came accross http://www.freedublin.com.

Comment by Rob


Thank you – this is super helpful! We’re still getting our bearings here and this will make things easier – or at least more affordable.


Comment by Ann Treacy

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