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Sunday at the Circus by Ann Treacy
September 30, 2007, 8:27 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Sunday was our busy day this week. We went to eat at a fun pub in Booterstown – maybe halfway between Cabinteely and the city center. We had lunch with Patrick’s mom and brother Fearghal.

Then we went to the circus – Fossett’s Ireland’s National Circus. There are no animals in the circus here. It’s all people acts. (We came home in time to watch Class Act, which is like a local American Idol and one of the performers from the circus was on the TV show– that’s always fun.)

The best act was the “globe of death” – a big metal sphere about 15 feet in diameter with up to 3 motorcycles riding around. It actually was very cool.

The nice thing about the Dublin circus is that it’s actually held in a tent and it’s fairly small. It’s not 3-ring – it’s just 1 ring. So it was easy for us to see all of the acts.

After the circus we walked through a park in Blackrock, which is on the sea. The weather was great and it was a nice little break.

Our major reward when we got home – Aine fell asleep.

I forgot about 2 of the pictures – the one with me is a nod to Fair Hills Pelican dance – and the first picture is actually taken in the park across from the house. You can see our house in the background. They are in the midst of building a soccer field – which is the reason for all of the dirt. The work that goes into building a soccer field (aka football pitch) is amazing!


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Hey guys,

It sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun! We sure have missed you back in Minnesota. I enjoy reading about the things you have posted on your website. Those are cute photos too! I hope you make some good memories in Ireland. See you later!

P.S. My mom says hi!

Comment by Kelly Fischer

Hi Kelly,

We miss you too. How is your new school going?

Love, Kate & Lily

Comment by Ann Treacy

[…] Last Tuesday we went to Il Primo – a new-ish Italian restaurant in town. I should start a step back… In Ireland there’s a TV show called Guerilla Gourmet where local chefs cook meals in unusual settings. We’ve seen two episodes. In the first the guy cooked and served a meal in the castle on the Rock of Cashel. In the other the show, Anita Thom, the chef and owner of Il Primo cooked and served a meal at Fossett’s Circus. […]

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