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Sunday in Glendalough by Ann Treacy
October 8, 2007, 7:23 am
Filed under: Dublin

It was another great day in Dublin weather-wise. So we went out on the road with Irish Grandma and Uncle Fearghal to Glendalough [pronounced glen-da-lock] in County Wicklow – about 45 minutes from the house. (Thankfully no buses or trains today – Fearghal is very very nice to pick us up and tour us around!)

Glendalough is beautiful. I’ll leve Patrick to post the history of Glendalough as a comment when he visits the blog – but I’ll tell you about our day and post the photos.

We had a nice lunch at the Glendalough Hotel. The dessert was particularly notable. Then we walked through the graveyard – the oldest grave we noticed was from 1798. We saw a church called Kevin’s Kitchen and then walked to the lake and to see the waterfall. We got at least a few miles in. The girls did a great job trekking through the area. It is really breathtakingly beautiful. (Sadly due to an Aine-related camera issue we don’t have pictures of the lake or waterfall.)

Even the drive up was amazing. We drove right by Sugar Loaf – a mountain we can see from the house – and it seems to have a cloud around the base of it. Also we saw lots of sheep, cows, and horses.


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the sunken town, used to go camping when the weather is dry [and really warm] you can see the chuech steeple pop above the lough/ water – hope you’re enjoying
slán go foill

Comment by peter donegan MI Hort

Thanks for the added info!

We had a wonderfully dry and warm day for our visit.

Comment by Ann Treacy

Just looked at this – nice way to document a trip.

Comment by Deb Miller

Hi Ann,
Had to check out your blog. Sounds like you guys are having an amazing time in Ireland. Wow — your girls are beautiful. They fit right in to the Irish landscape. I only got to see Aine as a baby, so it is fun to see her sort of all grown up.

Comment by Tara (Crowley) Mastel


Great to hear from you. We are having a great time. I need to pot up our adventures from this weekend – though I need to finish up a little more work first.

Thanks! Ann

Comment by Ann Treacy

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