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Sunday at Knowth by Ann Treacy
October 15, 2007, 5:18 pm
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We started the day with lunch at Slane – about 30 minutes north of Dublin.

Then we went to New Grange – unfortunately New Grange was sold out, which came as quite a surprise to us since last time we went to New Grange going there just meant parking in the lot near the structure and walking around.

New Grange is an ancient, mystic burial mound. Now there is a huge visitor center near New Grange, Knowth, and Dowth. You can only see the areas on a guided tour. So we were disappointed – but once we started looking around we didn’t mind at all.

Knowth is the site of one large passage tomb (1.5 acres at the op) and 18 smaller tombs. The tombs are 5000 years old. They were built in the Neolithic period. They are amazing!

They were built in the Boyne Valley – which is a beautifully lush area. There raise a lot of cattle and horses in the area. The Knowth area looks like Telly Tubby land. Around the base of the main tomb are huge rocks with art chipped into them. Some of the drawings are very intricate. The rocks were set up so that on the spring and autumn equinox the sun would shine right in – but later civilization built sous terrains around the edge of the tomb (for storage and protection) and that threw off the measurements.

We got to go into large tomb. The guide we had was very good. She started by telling us that we should stick to the paths. Then 5 minutes later she asked us to follow her – off the path. Naturally we all balked – thinking maybe it was a test. She explained that the path comment was really just for show – we could all walk wherever.

Sunday Night

I met up with Sheila and we hit just about every pub in the City Centre. But we wisely drank only half pints so the damage wasn’t too bad.


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