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Difference between MN House and Irish House by Ann Treacy
October 18, 2007, 7:27 pm
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Today the girls and I are talking about the difference between houses. The funny thing is that our house in Minnesota is about 50 years older than our house in Dublin.

Difference in the House

  • The cookies/biscuits come in a tin here.
  • The house in Dublin doesn’t have an attic. The rooms upstairs have slanted ceilings that match the roof. This is particularly noticeable in Lily’s room.
  • No basement in Ireland but there is a storage area attached to the side of the house.
  • You have to turn on the immersion heater about 30 minutes before you take a bath – if you want a hot bath. (The shower you can turn on immediately – it was added a couple of years ago.)
  • The plug-ins are different here.
  • In Minnesota there are door knobs; in Ireland there are door handles. Also you can lock every room in Ireland. We removed the lock on the bathroom in Minnesota after an Aine incident.
  • The light switched are slightly different here – flatter than back home.
  • We unplug certain things at night – such as the TV – as a fire precaution.

Outdoor differences

  • In Ireland we don’t have a garage or an alley.
  • There is a big hedge in from of everyone’s house. At home there are no (well, few) fences or bushes separating front yards, which does make it easier to play with the neighbors.
  • We always lock the door in Ireland. In fact at night we put about 5 locks on the door.
  • We dry clothes on the line here – a task we will definitely NOT be bringing back to Minnesota.


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I really enjoyed reading about the differences in the Ireland homes vs the houses in St. Paul. How about heat? Do you have a fireplace and/or a furnace. If there is no basement perhaps no furnace? How about the outside? Is it stucco? Did Patrick grow up in this house? I love the blog…xx00ms

Comment by mary sue

What do you think of the differences in the schools? No Boys? How is that??

Comment by Kathleen

Hi Lilly, Kate, Aine, Is it fun staying in Dublin? What is it like? I wish I could go too! We are learning lots of new things in school. Cursive, spelling and math. What are you learning?

Comment by Eleanor Howard

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