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Saturday in Dublin – The National Gallery by Ann Treacy
October 24, 2007, 7:52 pm
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Saturday we all went into the city center (downtown Dublin). Patrick went to a seminar on Irish Modernism at Trinity College. Sadly only one of us could attend – so I took the dive. The girls and I went to celebrate Open Dublin – a fun weekend event where many building and centers are open up for tours.

The girls and I went to tour The Ark – a fun children’s theater. It is a converted meeting house originally built in 1728. Everything was built for kids. The steps are smaller – the seats are smaller. The kids liked it too.

One fun aspect is that the stage can also open up to the back parking lot – so that they can have the audience outside for a concert or show. It was very cool. I suspect we’ll be back again soon either to see a show or for the girls to take a class.

After the tour we went to the farmers market for a Mars Attack bar, which is an awful lot like a rise krispie bar. The farmers market was fun to see too. It’s not very big – but lots of different kinds of food. Next time I might just get the cheese.

Next we met Patrick at Trinity and went to lunch at the Bad Ass Café. We had to talk the girls into it as they didn’t like the name but it’s a great place for kids. Everyone (well kids) got an ice cream with their lunch so the girls are anxious to got back.

After lunch we trekked to The National Gallery for a kids’ craft event. The girls did a collation called swirling leafs. They got to make trees and people. Even Aine enjoyed it – especially since it required her to get up and down to pick new colors on a regular basis. We got a tiny tour of the gallery – but mostly we did the craft project. It was fun and apparently they have free kids activities every Saturday. So we’ll be back.

After that we took the big double decker bus home.

Saturday Night

Saturday night Patrick and I went out to Ballsbridge – the area where I lived years ago. It was a pretty fancy area back then now it’s a very, very fancy area. It was also completely empty because the World Cup Rugby was happening. It was a lot like being at home when we never really know when the Super Bowl is going to happen.

We enjoyed a nice Italian restaurant and had a pint at the pub where we had one of our first dates.

(pictures to follow soon I hope!)


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