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Saturday with the O’Donnell’s by Ann Treacy
October 28, 2007, 11:45 am
Filed under: Dublin

Patrick’s brother Michael arrive on Friday with his sons Killian and Aidan. Killian is a year or two older than Lily. Killian is a year younger than Kate – so they are pretty well matched.

Kate and Aidan have had a good time playing on a computer together. It looks as if Kate may be showing Aidan how to play marbles. She might have a pal for life. Killian has been playing chess with Patrick and he almost won this morning!

Shay arrived on Saturday too (escorted to the house by Fearghal)– the uncle from Florida. We were sad that Shay’s daughter Rochelle wasn’t able to join us. Apparently her school has some pretty strict absentee policies.

Saturday evening most of us went to Marlay Park for a Halloween party. It was packed! We waited in line for about 45 minute to walk through a haunted house that took 7 minutes to tour. But atmosphere was good so we didn’t mind. (The pictures below include one of the monsters and one of abject fear in Aine’s face after seeing the monsters.)

Then we lined up to see a parade. Like lemming we followed the crown into the woods to realize that we were on parade. We really just walked around the big park – but that was OK too. It passed the time while we waited for the big event – the fireworks at 6:30.

The best thing about fireworks in October is that it’s actually pretty dark and everyone is awake.

We went home and more cousins had joined us (again escorted by Fearghal) – Eamon, Erin, and Mikey from New York had arrived too. Thirteen of us had a very fun spaghetti dinner in Irish Grandma’s big kitchen. It worked out very well.


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