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Sunday at the Roches by Ann Treacy
October 30, 2007, 8:59 am
Filed under: Dublin

Sunday night we were invited to a dinner party by Patrick’s advisor Tony Roche and his wife Katy Hayes. They have 2 sons – Merlyn who is 9 and Louie who is 7, I think. He was right about Kate’s age. They also invited Joseph O’Connor and his wife Anne Marie. They have two kids – James who is maybe 5 and Marcus who is 3 – so just the perfect age to play with Aine. And there was another boy named Thomas visiting too.

All of the dinner guests, except me, were writers and very friendly. (Clearly I mean I’m not a writer; I like to think that I’m passably friendly.) Joe and Anne Marie had lived in New York for a while. Tony and Katy are going to visit Minnesota in July. Actually Katy wrote a novel about Charles Lindbergh. There was a lot of talk about writer’s sheds turned offices and we had all seen many of the Dublin Theatre Festival shows.

Katy clearly throws a lot of dinner parties. The kids got pizza and chicken nuggets in one room – what could be better? Following it up with ice cream, which she did. We got a much more adult and delicious meal in the dining room. It started with fried brie – yum!

At the end of the night Tony kindly drove us home – Aine was falling asleep on her feet.


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