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Friday in Donegal by Ann Treacy
November 4, 2007, 5:57 pm
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Friday I woke, got out my computer and it didn’t work. It wouldn’t start at all. Maybe it was the 7-up that Patrick opened on it yesterday.

We sat down to a very yummy breakfast – including great Irish bacon. Then I started off towards Donegal Town to get my computer fixed. It’s 3-5 miles from the Bed & Breakfast. Patrick did not feel bad at all about breaking my computer so I left him at home.

Luckily I was able to find a computer fixit place and they were able to fix the computer for me. I found a WIFI network and was able to catch up with work. Then I realized that I had to idea where everyone might be – but I figured O’Donnell Castle in Donegal would be a good guess. SO I met up with them there.

We walked around the town a bit. It’s a nice town. We saw an art exhibit by Edel Gallagher. Then we drove off to Killybegs, a fishing town not too far from Donegal Town. The funny thing was that it was very hard to find fresh fish for lunch in the fishing town. Both of the hotels in town seemed to feature meat. We ended up at Fish & Chip type place but it was good.

Then we headed off on another drive. Neither Patrick nor Michael was very specific about where we were going. So we ended up in the car for about 2 hours until it got dark and started to rain – then we found ourselves in Burtonport, where apparently their great grandmother (or someone) is from. The best this about this side excursion is that I will never have to go to Burtonport again. (When we got home Patrick’s mom’s first question is whether we visited someone she knew at the pub there. Of course e hadn’t – that visit might have picked up the trip considerably!)

We headed back to Donegal. Unfortunately we ran into the same problem as the night before – restaurants were started to close despite it meaning 7:00 on a Friday night. We did find a great place – a casual café sort of thing that actually had a computer with WIFI – so the kids all took a turn going online.

Finally we ended the night in the pub. Where the grownups had exactly one pint each because the kids were complaining the whole time.


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hello, hiya, just been browsing and happened on your blog. its so lovely and conversational and was delighted to see the photo and yes, i do remember one of your brood, your viikings, as i call them, and the comment he made about one of the paintings. Hope your road continues to rise smoothly and all the best for all of ye.
good luck with endeavours, yours, edel gallagher.

Comment by edel gallagher


How kind of you to leave a note! We’re been home (in Minnesota) for almost a year – but your note brought me back to our trip quickly. We are heading to Ireland this summer. I’m suspect we’ll spend most of our time in Dublin – but if we head to Donegal, we’ll be sure to stop by.

Thanks! Ann

Comment by Ann Treacy

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