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Halloween in Dublin by Ann Treacy
November 4, 2007, 8:47 am
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OK I’m sorry that it has taken us so long to talk about Halloween. A few have asked about it – but really we weren’t sure what Halloween was going to be like until we lived it.

The girls got dressed up. And their cousins (Killian and Aidan from Australia and Mikey for NY) joined them for track or treating. We went around the block at their Irish Grandma’s house. Not everyone was prepared but most people were and we ran into a few other trick or treaters. The kids were not required to sing or dance to get a treat; their dad had warned them that they might have to do this.

People are not as worried about giving or receiving things like apples or homemade popcorn – so that was kind of different. Lots of people (though not us) get fireworks and set them off. We were able to see quite a few small displays from the park across the street from the house.

When Patrick was young there used to be a lot of bonfires too – but they are strongly discouraged now. In fact I think if you tried to light one, you would be stopped.

What’s the best thing about Halloween in Ireland? You get the week off from school.


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Dear Aine,

Thank you for the postcard! I saw your princess costume. I was Super Woman for Halloween. We miss you! We met Phoebe who moved into your house, but she’s been a bit too shy to play. Hope you’re having fun.

Love, Evelyn

Comment by Evelyn Lillemoe

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