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Round Ireland with the Kids (Thursday) by Ann Treacy
November 4, 2007, 9:02 am
Filed under: Donegal

We got up super early today. I had my shower before 6:30. We squeezed 8 people into a 7-seat van and set off for the endless road trip. Michael (Patrick’s brother) rented the van and we were traveling with him, Killian and Aidan.

Our first stop was Nenah in County Tipperary, not too far from Thurles. We saw the former chief friary of Ireland; it’s pretty much in ruins. We had lunch at a place called Roots – which I highly recommend. It was 10:30 in the morning and the owner/chef came out to tell us what kind of fruit she had (for a special order) and said that if Aine really wanted spaghetti, she could make it. (Luckily the fruit sounded good too.)

At about 12:30 we started off for Ennis – a 45 minute drive. At 2:30 we finally arrived in Ennis. The purpose of this trip was to visit Patrick’s Aunt Sister Celine. We met Patrick’s mom, brother Shay, brother Eamonn and wife (Erin) and son (Mikey) in Ennis. They had wisely taken the train. They arrived on time at 1:30.

The other purpose of the trip was to go to Donegal – a plan that Patrick pushed heavily by saying that Donegal is a straight shot from Ennis. Straight does not mean short. After 3+ hours of driving in the morning, we got into the car at 5:00 for 4 more hours of driving.

We drove past Galway and had dinner in Sligo. We drove by tons of historical and literary markers – Sligo is WB Yeats territory – but it was dark so we didn’t see much. We arrived at 9:00 for dinner. Sadly most of the restaurants seem to close at about 9:00.

So we ended up – all 8 of us at an Indian restaurant. Actually it was very good and we all liked it – but it was a little slower and fancier than we needed.

Right before midnight we cruised into the Bed & Breakfast.

Here’s a  if you want to track our travels. We went from Dublin to Clare to Sligo to Donegal.


(You may notice that Patrick spilled on his shirt. He opened a 7 up that exploded. Unfortunately he opened it up right over my laptop! This info may seem gratuitous today – but it comes into play tomorrow.)

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I have one question for you guys.
Are there any good beaches in you neck of the woods?

Comment by Dino ATW

Funny you should ask about the beach. We went to Bundoran on Friday. I’ll write more and post pictures asap.

We might have to get a dinosuar to take to the beach closer to home!

Comment by Ann Treacy

Ennis to Donegal??? Glad I wan’t in that van. Did you stop in Knock. 🙂 You would need the prayers.

Comment by Kathleen

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