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Johnstown Christmas Fair by Ann Treacy
December 8, 2007, 5:38 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Today was the Christmas Fair at the girls’ school. Actually it was a combined effort between Johnstown’s girl’s and boys’ school. It’s a holiday party and fundraiser. We had been waiting for it all week and it was fun.

Our day started with Lily and me going to Tesco to get our treats for the bake sale. (And no I didn’t remove the grocery store wrapper to try to pass them off as my own.) Then we delivered the items to the school. The hard thing is that I swear we were walking into a hurricane as we did it. We both had an umbrella; we both got soaked from the knee down.

Luckily the rain stopped before the big party. In fact we saw a rainbow on our way.

Here are the games/activities:

Manicures – I think one of the mom’s must have been a professional. I think we have a picture of Kate’s nails. They are amazing.

Wheel of Fortune – you buy a raffle ticket and hope that the wheel rolls to your number. We must have played a dozen times; we won nothing.

Game room – It looked like a lot of video games so we didn’t really stick around for it.

Tea room – Everyone got a sugary treat.

Books, Gifts, White Elephants – All places to buy new and used “major awards”. I think we bought a dozen Barbies.

Santa – Yes, the man was there and he gave everyone an advanced present. Aine is playing with her Winnie the Pooh stickers now.

The Fair lasted from 1:30 to about 5:00. We knew it was time to go when AIne had a complete meltdown. (I think we have some pictures.)


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