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Bring Warm Clothes by Ann Treacy
December 20, 2007, 2:15 pm
Filed under: Dublin

The house here is heated with oil. We ran out of oil on Saturday. Today (Thursday) they brought the oil but it still isn’t working. There are 2 space heaters.

So we have gone without real heat since Saturday. It’s not as cold as home here (outside) but I’d guess that it’s been hovering around freezing. So, it’s cold enough to want heat.

Lily wore gloves to bed the other night. The girls and I all sleep in the same room – because I keep the space heater on for a while in the room though I don’t let us sleep with it on. I’m afraid that the space heater will start a fire.

I have to admit that I just can’t understand how the oil people can’t deliver oil and have it working immediately. Clearly that sort of work must be reactive. It is winter. I guess their business plan is to let people freeze for a few days before they bring oil.

I guess we’re lucky that we ran out of oil last Saturday and not this Saturday as I imagine that the oil shops will be completely closed next week for Christmas.

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I hope it (the heat) gets to working!
Happy Christmas and Happy New Year too..
I see that I have an incremental play to
watch too. ^^
Might have to wait till I get home though.

Comment by Julie

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