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New Friends from Manchester by Ann Treacy
January 1, 2008, 12:28 pm
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Friday night we went out to an Italian cooking lesson. I was very excited; Patrick was not. We had plenty of time so we took the first bus into town which we thought would leave us walking for about 20 minutes. An hour later we’re still walking through Ranelagh, Rathmines, and Rathgar – some very beautiful neighborhoods, which I’m sure are even more beautiful if you’re not wearing high heel boots!

We called the cooking school and found out that the class had been cancelled – Patrick’s prayers were answered.

So we went into town, had a nice dinner, and popped into the International Bar for one drink before heading home. Fortunately or unfortunately we ran into our new best friends Chris and Anna from Manchester.

It started when Chris asked me if there were any Irish in Dublin. Often it can feel as if there aren’t and as if Polish or Latvian has become the national language. I had to laugh because I was part of the proof that there aren’t any Irish left.

What’s funny was that Patrick and I had been kind of talking about that at dinner. Right now there are about 1-1.5 million people in Dublin. They are predicting 2 million by 2019 – and most of that increase will be immigrants.

So Dublin is very international. I think it’s kind of fun. You hear lots of languages and accents. It’s a huge influx of young people too. I’ve already written a blog post on the impact of this influx on social services, such as schools. But from a fun perspective, it’s good but it makes Dublin (and possibly all of Ireland but I can’t say) a different place, which I wondered if that would have a negative impact on tourism.

According to our new best friends – it does. They were just in town for 3-4 days and they liked it alright but they didn’t have plans to return. I think it wasn’t what they were expecting and they thought it was too expensive. And they were working with Sterling which is twice as valuable as the dollar.

Anyways we had a fun night with them. We took a rickshaw to the last pub – which I believe was the last pub open in town. We stayed out way too late because our new best friends were in their 20’s. Anna gave me her email address, which started as anna1984… luckily I stopped myself before I asked if that was the year she graduated 🙂

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Happy New Year Ann, Patrick, Lily, Kate
and Aine! It sounds like you are having
immense fun. Warm winter too. You lucked out! lol. The class had a good benefit… italian food. ^^
Stay safe, well and warm!
(Hope Patrick is feeling better)


Comment by Julie

Hi Brianna, if you read this

Comment by Lily/Author

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