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Another Black Taxi Tour by Ann Treacy
January 12, 2008, 12:03 am
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I have to say that the girls should win some kind of award because they were very good natured and pretty well behaved about going on the second black taxi tour. The adults had loved the first tour so much that we called up Jimmy a second time to see what else he could show us – and he didn’t disappoint. (If you’re ever in Belfast you should call Jimmy for a tour: 077 079 49 578.)

I’m going to try to post the pictures and then make comments on each picture or group of pictures. If it goes well I might go back to the earlier post to see if I can add more there too.
These pictures are from St Malachy’s. The ceiling is one of two of its kind in Europe. The other is in Rome. They closed the church on Monday for two years for renovations.


We took a tour of east Belfast, which is a predominantly Protestant area. I think these were the 2 Catholic murals that we saw on our tour.

The following are the Protestant murals that we saw. We heard that the Protestants got ₤5,000 (that’s $10,000) to take down bad mural and put up new ones. I’m not sure how they defined “bad”. There was a serious of 6 or so murals we saw that were created with a ₤100,000 grant.

What I found significant was that many of the Protestant murals that we saw on our previous tour were very pastoral – these were not. These were placed more often in current day and had more urgency to them – much like the Catholic murals that we saw a few days earlier.

I actually took more pictures, which you can see on Flickr.

Here are a couple of sporting murals. One is of George Best (big soccer player who died a couple of years ago) and one commemorates some soccer game win against England.
belfast-sport.jpg belfast-geobest.jpg

The next pictures are of Van Morrison’s house (where he grew up, he now lives in Killiney not too far from Cabinteely) and Ina Paisley’s house – really you can only see the lane, but there it is.

Finally, we have pictures from Stormont, the Parliment Buildings in Belfast.


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I loved seeing these photos…it reminded me of when Jim, Cait and I were there in Jan ’05. We had a tour w/ the Belfast tour guide but wish we had done it with Jimmy the tour guide. Our guide was very careful about what she said so it was a very sanitized version. The girls look wonderful. I miss you all.

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