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Ireland Science Fair by Ann Treacy
January 13, 2008, 10:59 am
Filed under: Dublin

Today we went to the Young Scientist and Technology Exhibit. It’s held at the RDS; the same place we saw the Pogues before Christmas. This time it was all decked out for high school science fair booths. It was great. OK, great might be pushing it – but it was interesting once I got people to shake off the crabbiness.

I think the students do a great job with their science exhibits. It’s a little bit like the 4H building at the State Fair.

As we pointed out with the kids they start with a hypothesis, explain their methods and include their results.

My favorite was exhibit was from St Joseph’s Boys National School in Terenure. They researched Albert Einstein. Two of their students popped up and ask – Do you want to know about Albert Einstein?

They were great at going back and forth giving me facts and Einstein. Then Patrick started to quiz them in his teacher-way and they were able to answer everything. They were just so enthusiastic you had to love them.

Some of our other favorite exhibits:

  • Lefties have a greater chance than right handed folks of have an IQ of more than 140. (Kate’s a lefty.)
  • The best way to study is to is to do a word dump where you read a page, cover it and jot down everything you remember reading. Just reading was the worst way to study.
  • High heel shoes are hardest on your feet; flip flops are best for your feet. (They didn’t test Doc Martens.) Expensive sunglasses are actually better for your eyes than cheapies.
  • People find popup ads on the web frustrating and distracting but they don’t tend to notice or remember the contents of the ads.
  • Also there’s more of a professional science exhibit within the big science fair. We saw giant cockroaches. (Reminded me of the bar where Damian works in NY – also reminded all of us about the challenge on America’s Next Top Model where they had to model with cockroaches.)
  • We learned that my reflexes are much quicker than Patrick’s or Lily’s – Kate and Aine didn’t even bother challenging me.

Two more interesting notes – most of the young scientists were girls. The award winner this year was a 13 year old.

Finally I had a add a picture of us on the bus stop as I finally remembered to take one.

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