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I’m legal so we look at art by Ann Treacy
January 18, 2008, 11:38 am
Filed under: Dublin

On Thursday we left Patrick’s mom to bring the kids to school and we went into the Immigration Office. I would play menacing music here if I could. Our last trip was not very successful.

I was crabby – as you are when you have to waste time with something like this. It was pouring rain. We were much later than I wanted to be – but I have to say I was very impressed. We were out and I had my new immigrant card with a super hideous picture of me in 30 minutes.

We got outside and it was sunny! Actually it was one of those – 2 hours of sun, half hour of pouring rain kind of days.

Anyways Patrick and I snuck off to the National Gallery. We have been wanting to see the Paintings from Poland exhibit. There is a huge Polish population in Dublin – huge. So I think it’s so mart that the help to introduce the rest of the Irish population to Poland in this small way. Also I think it’s a smart way to get the Polish immigrants into the National Gallery. (The Gallery is free, by the way, which we also like.)

I won’t go on too much but the paintings were all done from 1900-1930, I think. The colors were really vibrant and symbolism was big. As we all know, Poland was liberated in 1918 (clearly news to me) and then the Germans invaded in 1939 (I might have gotten that one) and that is when a lot of this art was done. Jesters seem to be a big symbol and quite a few of the artists seem to either use the perspective of children or children’s stories as themes.

We also saw the Turner watercolors, which are only shown in January. They are pretty amazing if you think about someone actually making a good painting using watercolors – and I only mean that because watercolors are so smearing and bleeding that I could never make a recognizable picture.

The cool thing about the watercolors, if you could paint, is that you can capture landscapes like I’d like to capture them in photos except the photo is too small. One picture showed a town on the side of a mountain with a sun set. I’d be lucky to get just the mountain or the town or the sunset in a photo.

So it was fun to spend the day doing something the kids probably wouldn’t love. They do like the National Gallery – we just go through the art much quicker.

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