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Next to Skin is Way too Close by Ann Treacy
January 19, 2008, 10:26 am
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So I decided that our New Year’s resolution was to get out and do different things. No more just going to the pub, unless we were meeting someone. So that is what inspired me to get us tickets to a dance performance – Next to Skin.

Here’s the description from the web site that got me interested…

Constructing structures with bodies – marking time with movement – discovering space with each other ‘Beckett meets Python’ – this whirlwind of breathtaking leaps, sensual partnering and comic joy should not be missed.

Here’s the line from the program that was a little red flag…

…The cast of different body types, levels of training, skin colour, race, melt together as one.

Different colors and race – clearly no problem. Different body types and levels of training – whoa there. I don’t know very much about dance but I must say one rule of thumb is that I’d like the people on stage to be fitter and better dancers than I am. My new rules include – I don’t want spoken word or screaming to be part of the dance.

The good news: it was only an hour and people remained clothed the whole time. There were a few very good dancers and it was fun to watch them do certain moves. But I have to admit that to me, the dance spectator novice, the comparison to Beckett and Python may have been exaggerated.

After the dance we headed to Neary’s Pub off Grafton Street. I had completely forgotten what a nice pub it is. Patrick saw two actors that we have seen on stage but he didn’t point them out until they were gone. I guess that was retribution for my dance performance selection.

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I love how you describe things.
Sounded interesting, that’s for sure.

Comment by Julie


The dance has received a lot of attention in the newspapers here – I haven’t seen a review, but lots of pictures. So perhaps it was a case of pearls before swine.

Comment by Ann Treacy

Or perhaps the ones writing the reviews
are so speechless, and hope with all
their might that the pictures speak for
*innocent smile*
They were really screaming?

Comment by Julie

Yup, they were screaming.

Comment by Ann Treacy

yeeouch. lol

Comment by Julie

[…] where the dancers must all appear to be fitter and younger than I am. (A rule created after a not-so-great dance experience.) They jumped around very aerobically around huge blocks. They also worked with the blocks to […]

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