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Saturday Afternoon at the Science Gallery by Ann Treacy
February 3, 2008, 11:04 pm
Filed under: Dublin

We loved the Science Gallery so much on Friday that we went back on Saturday with the kids.

We were able to see everything we saw the day before – except free beer. The girls got a chance to make electronic jewelry. It took an hour but they move enjoyed it. They had little light bulbs with transistors. They had to twist wires together and then solder them. It was very involved but they did have some cool bracelets in the end.

I got to run around with Aine they worked. We learned that a lot of the exhibits that appear to be hands on are really not hands on for 3 year olds. Apparently no one wants a 3 year old touching up the fiber optics. But they were pretty nice about it – after all some stuff was hands on and some wasn’t and there was no way for us to know which was which.

We also went into the daylight room – which is a room that is very bright and entirely bright. There are big bean bad chairs in the room. Aine got in there and decided that she needed to get her book and then sit down and read it.

And we got a chance to try out the drawing with lights thing. I hope it makes sense on video. It was cool:

We finally got on a bus home about 8:00 at night.

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