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Saturday Night – Happy Birthday Joyce by Ann Treacy
February 3, 2008, 11:21 pm
Filed under: Dublin

After our super busy day, Patrick called a friend from school who was meeting at a pub with Joyceans (James Joyce fans) who had been at a James Joyce conference celebrating Joyce’s birthday. (While I was with the kids at the Hugh Lane Gallery earlier in the day, Patrick was at the conference.)

So we met up with them. We met at the Davenport hotel, which was pretty empty. The group was funny in the way that any group who is really into something is funny. At one point they joked about playing James Joyce charades. At which point I realized that I no longer had to apologize for any party where the punch lines are in UNIX.

So it was pretty sedate. Luckily I was sitting by someone’s girlfriend, who had just attended the conference because her boyfriend was giving a paper. She had never even read Ulysses, so I can only imagine how interesting the conference would have been for her. She was a doctor and very nice.

Most of the crew left so we went with Patrick’s friend to meet up with his girlfriend and her sister at a night club.

Patrick’s friend is a couple years younger than we are, his girlfriend is a couple of years younger than he is, her sister was younger yet. So yes, once again I found myself at the end of the night (way too late at night) with someone who much younger. I’m thinking she was 20 – maybe. But it was fun to talk to her. She’s from Lincolnshire, she lives in a hostel, she works a temp job, and was trying to persuade Patrick to join the Socialist party.

I realized that I’d rather be in my shoes than working a temp job and living in a hostel – although she seemed to enjoy it – as both were opportunities to meet lots of people.

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