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Science Gallery by Ann Treacy
February 3, 2008, 10:11 pm
Filed under: Dublin

After a long and cold, too-much-work week, Patrick and I went to the grand opening of the Science Gallery at Trinity College on Friday night. It was so cool. We loved it!!

The Gallery is having events all week to celebrate light. Some of the events are outdoors so we had just planned to get a sneak preview before bringing the girls on Saturday. But we caught the usually slow, but tonight lucky, bus that drove right by the Gallery –where they were having a reception.

So, despite being in jeans and lots of coats (it was still cold and we were going to the outdoor things) we chanced getting through the door of the reception and scored! (OK probably it was open to everyone but it felt like a score and we each got a free beer – so it was kind of like being cool.)

Anyways – the place is very modern and a lot like an art gallery. Here are quick descriptions of the different parts:

Lightmobile – a very cool Oldsmobile covered with light bulbs

Light Drops – light and silky threads drop from a ceiling. Some drop around crystals, some near fiber optics that light up, one near a mirror, which on Saturday sadly Aine ran right into not realizing that it was a mirror

Light Tracer – an interactive system that uses a variety of light sources to allow you to create images in real physical space. I tried to take a video of the girls doing this because it’s hard to explain. I’ll post that in a few minutes.

De Pong Game – remember Atari? Well they have set up a pong game with the controls near a window – the player and the bals that you have to bounce up appear on the building across the street – it’s super cool

OK I think that was it. I’ll post the pictures and the video from tomorrow which is hopefully catch what we missed.

As part of the opening week they have exhibitions around town, so we walked down to Grand Canal Square, which is a whole new part of the city. It’s kind of down the Liffey towards the sea. It’s an area that they are building up. It’s kind of part old, part new and part needs to be built.

The exhibit they had lit up a square that I’m sure will be a super hot spot in a few years. It was fun to see a part of town that is so new.

Then we walked about 20 minutes to my favorite French restaurant, where we amazingly got in and had a great meal. We were home by midnight.

All in all a good night!

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That sounds very interesting indeed!
That pong game would be super cool to
play, and the light drops is an
interresting idea I see me trying
to mimic in my kidlets rooms.
Thanks for posting!

Comment by Julie

That would be cool in a kids room!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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