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Chinese New Years by Ann Treacy
February 9, 2008, 8:00 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Today has been a long but good day. I’m tempted to put it in order of highlights lowlights, as it’s been one of those days.


  • Aine cut her hair. It’s not quite as bad as the time Lily cut her hair when she was three and a half – but she did more than trim.
  • Aine left her jacket in town. (Special thanks to Patrick who walked back into town to get the jacket from the place we thought it might be while the rest of us caught a bus home.)
  • The fruit and veg market Patrick wanted to visit was closed.
  • It’s Lent so all of us would kill or die for a treat.
  • My boots are cute but not very comfortable – especially after a day walking in town.


  • We went to the Chinese New Years celebration in Smithfield today. (Smithfield is in town – but on the North side of the Liffey.) It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be but it was fun. We saw some martial arts demonstrations, ate some spring rolls and drank Chinese drinks. (Well the girls were adventurous; I has a Diet Coke.)
  • Lily was asked to pose for a picture with two police officers and a girl who was possibly Chinese. The photographer is a freelancer who will try to sell the picture to the local papers. So, we’ll keep an eye out.
  • We saw the old Jameson Distillery (outside, not in). We walked around the shops on Henry Street.
  • We found a cheap place for haircuts and had Aine fixed up and got Lily’s bangs/fringe cut. The young, helpful Turkish women in the barbers suggested that we keep Aine away from the scissors.
  • Spring has sprung and there were fun. Good buskers in Grafton Street again.
  • Eddie Rockets serves Diet Coke in a big glass!

The videos below do not include us – that may be a bonus! One is from the Chinese New Year event; the other is from Grafton Street.


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