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Friday in Town by Ann Treacy
February 17, 2008, 10:19 pm
Filed under: Dublin

Again the girls were out of school. Patrick decided we should go to the Georgian House Museum. He has a great interest in Georgian Houses; the girls and I don’t. We got to the museum and Patrick had to leave to tutor a class. So, the girls and I went through the house. They don’t allow pictures but we did take one outside.

Here’s what we remember about the house:

  • The house was built in 1794
  • They had 3 servants and they couldn’t read or write
  • The people sat in bed instead of lying down (as we do) because of the prevalence on asthma – also they were afraid that people would think they were dead.
  • The governances were young – so often once they ages they would be stuck for work or a home. They built two homes for former governances in Dublin.
  • The wives didn’t go downstairs in the morning; they spent most of their day upstairs in their own parlor.
  • They had bells to ring for the servants – each room had a different tone.
  • The boys wore dresses – to disguise themselves as girls and lessen the threat of being kidnapped.
  • Near the fireplaces women put boards in front of their faces o keep their faces/makeup from melting.

So I guess we remembered more than I thought. After the Georgian House we went to the National Gallery for lunch. At the Gallery, we ran into two friends – Robert Tynan and Eunan O’Donnell from Excaliburprima, Dublin’s top event planners.

We got the great kids’ packs and toured some of the art. Eventually Patrick met up with us. He noticed that Gabriel Byrne was in the coffee shop so we went back and sat near him. He is as hot in person as he is on screen. We chickened out and didn’t get a picture of him. I’m still mad at us for not snapping us.

Eventually we went home and had a pretty quiet night in.

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