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A Day in Bray by Ann Treacy
February 28, 2008, 12:19 pm
Filed under: Bray

On Sunday, Kate had a big birthday party in Bray today. There were 23 girls at the Bray Bowl – and two very brave parents.

Fearghal kindly drove her to the party. So we all hitched a lift to Bray, which is on the seaside. We’ve been up there a few times before. Lily, Aine and I enjoyed skipping stones. I am the champion, if anyone is asking.

I took some pictures and videos. The weather was close to perfect for February. I hope you can see the rainbow in some of the pictures. We do see a lot of rainbows here.

After walking down the strand we went back to get Kate. She was playing an arcade game where you drop coins onto a shelf in hopes that they will push other coins down for you to win. She is pretty hard core about it. She could play for hours.

Then we all got muffins and treats on the way home.


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love the pic of Aine and Lily with the rainbows! Beth
PS…I don’t think you should really brag about winning the stone skipping contest if you can only do 2 skips….Maybe we should make that into a “lesson” that you can take at FH in the summer 🙂 you could use a few pointers but you didn’t hear it from me!

Comment by Beth Schupp

In the land of the blind two skips wins. 🙂

It will be fun to see how we do on Pelican Lake this summer. I think that the girls will be happily surprised to learn that it’s easier to skip off a dock.

Comment by Ann Treacy


I was thinking of having my 4 yr old bday party in bray in may. Do u recommended this. Could they have there bday cake in restaureant do u think?

Comment by Laura

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