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Beware the Storybook Wolves by Ann Treacy
February 28, 2008, 12:11 pm
Filed under: Dublin

On Saturday we saw one of the best plays for kids that I have ever seen – Beware the Storybook Wolves. You were supposed to be 6 years old to go – but we scored Aine a fake ID. I was worried that she would be too scared so (trying to cinch my mother of the year nomination) I had been desensitizing her all week by trying to scare her and talking about scary wolves.

She was well prepared. Actually I was nervous for a first few minutes but then the show was so funny that the scary parts weren’t so scary.

I won’t go into the plot – but there was a lot of running around and screaming. Somehow I think there were only 4 actors – so there were a lot of costume changes. When Prince Charming shows up, they played Prince Charming by Adam Ant, which I have been singing every since.

The show was at The Ark, a theater that really focuses on kids. Everything is kid-sized – the seats, the stairs, the toilets… The theater doesn’t seat very many people so you are very close to the action and the actors run all around the space.

We had lunch at the Meeting House Market – which means walking around with hotdogs and chocolate crepes. The girls loved it. Someone we seemed to eat a ton of garbage – but it was all good.

We got to see tons of men in kilts as the Scotland versus Ireland rugby match was on in town. Kilts are not for everyone. Knee high socks do not help the kilt look. Drinking a can of cider out of a bag on the bus in a kilt before noon – is not the classiest act I’ve seen in a week.

I dragged the kids to a show at The Project Act Centre Return Journey. Here the super quick description: 3 movie screens showing scenes from a train station, one person on a platform sometimes rolling around, sometimes tearing up red paper, sometimes folding and unfolding a little kid’s red shoe. There are 2 benches set up for the patrons to sit. Around the space, 2 actors walk around in a square taking off and putting on a hounds tooth coat.

To give the kids credit we sat and watched for about 10 minutes. I asked them to talk about the show in the video below.

At night Patrick and I went back into town. We found a place to sit in a pub in town and considered ourselves lucky. It was a low key but nice night.


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