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Romeo & Juliet & il Primo by Ann Treacy
February 28, 2008, 10:52 am
Filed under: Dublin

OK I’ve been terrible about maintaining the blog. Sorry! I’m hoping that I can get caught up today.

Last Tuesday we went to Il Primo – a new-ish Italian restaurant in town. I should start a step back… In Ireland there’s a TV show called Guerilla Gourmet where local chefs cook meals in unusual settings. We’ve seen two episodes. In the first the guy cooked and served a meal in the castle on the Rock of Cashel. In the other the show, Anita Thom, the chef and owner of Il Primo cooked and served a meal at Fossett’s Circus.

I have to give Patrick credit he remembered the show and got us into the restaurant. Their specialty is risotto, which really was amazing. I might ad chocolate cake to the specialty too though – as that was definitely worth writing home about. After the meal I happened to talk a little bit to the chef. It was on accident and really because the staff was so friendly that I did talk to her – but it was a tiny thrill. I didn’t mention seeing her on TV.

What was kind of funny was that she seems about as likely to be in a TV show as Billy (my brother the chef).

After dinner we ran down (literally) to the Abbey to see Romeo and Juliet. I think Patrick put it best when he said R&J just really isn’t Shakespeare’s best. It’s very up and down – the exciting bits are exciting (and were very exciting in this production thanks to rain on the state which is always a crowd pleaser) and the boring parts get long.

Also I think maybe it’s a sign that you’re getting old when you wonder why Juliet wouldn’t just marry the rich guy her dad set up rather than chase some guy who professed to be in love with Rosalind 20 minutes before he met Juliet.

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