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Viking Splash Tour by Ann Treacy
March 3, 2008, 2:58 pm
Filed under: Dublin

To keep in theme of our very touristy weekend, we went on the Viking Splash Tour on Sunday. The tour uses an amphibian truck to drive through the city and then take a dip into the Grand Canal.

It’s goofy but it’s fun. The driver/tour guide gets the whole bus to growl like Vikings at unsuspecting people throughout the city. The tour guide was excellent – he crams a ton of information into a little space by talking really fast. Also my talking really fast he can fit in jokes that really aren’t appropriate for a PG crowd.

I took a few pictures, which turned out to be useless but I did shoot some video, which is kind of fun if you have the time.

Again here’s a laundry list of the things I learned or saw:

  • We boated past the studio where U2 recorded all but one of their albums.
  • We boated by apartments where Colin Farrell owns all top five penthouses.
  • A penthouse room in the Clarence Hotel (owned by Bono and the Edge) costs €2100 – that’s over $3000 a night!
  • We drove by the place where they made a Spice Girl video.
  • We drove by markers for the original Dublin City Walls (castle walls) in the Liberties. I know that’s not that interesting for a blog but it helped to figure out what a small city – but larger castle Dublin was.
  • I learned many color phrases for the Spire on O’Connell Street (one of the video below goes through them).
  • The Whitehouse in DC was designed after Leinster House (where the Dail/govenement meet).
  • The smallest cemetery in Dublin is just a few doors down form the Shelburne, one of the fanciest hotels in Dublin.

There’s a ton more but that’s all I can remember today. (You’ll have to click below to see the videos.)

The Big Roar: 

Colorful terms for the Spire:

Site of the Spice Girls video:

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