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Frankenstein – the play by Ann Treacy
March 9, 2008, 12:51 pm
Filed under: Dun Laoghaire

I forgot to mention last weekend that we went to see Frankenstein the play at the Pavilion Theatre. It was a very fun show.

It made me jump at least twice – thanks in large part to the strobe light lightning and loud thunder effects. So it wasn’t a subtle play – but you don’t really go to Frankenstein for subtlety. On the bud ride home we overheard someone on the phone tell someone just how great the show was. Now maybe I wouldn’t have said great – but knowing someone else loved it made it even better.

One thing they did that I sort of liked is they read out pieces from news stories about people trying to build people or bring them back from the dead – just a cloning or very early electronic shocks to bring people back.

Due to an accident of bus arrival – it was cold so we took the first but that headed near the house – we ended up stopping at a pub called the Dean’s Grange on the way home. We often stop there. In the daylight it’s a healthy walk from home in the park – in the dark it’s too dangerous. It was packed; it’s never packed. And they have live music – so it was a nice bonus.

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