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St Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt by Ann Treacy
March 18, 2008, 11:02 am
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On Saturday Aine went to a birthday party – which left me and the big girls alone to do the St Patrick’s Day treasure hunt. It was great! Our team was called the Super Searchers.

Teams of up to 4 people were invited to follow the hunt throughout the city. We had to visit 9 places, answer questions from each place and get a stamp. Spot prizes were given out – the team with the best time (not us) won a weekend in a hotel in Dublin.

It rained the whole day, we had several wardrobe malfunctions, we stopped for lunch in the middle of the “race” but we had a great time. We spent over 5 hours on the hunt.

Here’s the blow by blow:

  1. We checked in at City Hall on Dame Street. We got free hotdogs – or sausages really but they were served like hotdogs on buns with ketchup.
  2. Our first stop was Christ Church. We had to creep about the crypt to find the right answer. The girls find the crypt very scary – but they did it and they got the right answer. Lily won the girls a couple of key chains when we got our stamp. They asked her to say something in Irish. She asked for permission to go to the bathroom. I think 90 percent of the world that has learned Irish in school as she has, would have given the exact same answer.
  3. Next we moved onto Dublinia. It was very close and to give credit to Lily she was able to find it.
  4. The third stop was quite a hike up to Collins Barracks’s. We walked by a place where I used to live behind Dublinia. We stopped by Smithfield on the way to answer a couple of bonus questions. It was about a 20-30 minute walk. Poor Lily learned that her boots do not hold up in the rain. (We’ve had almost no rain since we’ve been here – so she didn’t know.) We decided that we could stop at Penney’s to get boots – but that was 20 minutes away.
    So we trudged up to Penney’s on our way to the Hugh Lane Gallery. They had very few choices for boots in Lily’s size but we finally found some rain boots. And Kate got a dress to make up for the fact that we clearly weren’t going to be the winners of the hunt. (No way we were going to make it regardless!)
  5. Next we trekked up to the Hugh Lane up on Parnell Square – this was another 20 minute walk. We walked by an anti-war demonstration on the way. There often seem to be demonstrations up by the Hugh Lane.
  6. Our next port of call was Templebar, which was 20 minute walk (or more away). The rain really started to fall but we are very tough. We made it to Templebar but decided to that we needed to stop for lunch – so we popped into the Bad Ass Café.
  7. Next we went to the Gallery of Photography. They asked the girls to sing a song or recite a poem to win an award. We figure they’d win free passes for the fun fair or another key chain. Imagine our shock when we won a DVD player! We couldn’t believe it.
  8. The next step was the Project Art Centre, which was thankfully close to the Photo Gallery.
  9. Our next stint was another long hike, through Trinity to the National Museum, where we learned about the lorcan boat.
  10. Next we stopped by the National Gallery, which we know fairly well. It was also a quick trip from the Museum.
  11. Our final official stop was the Georgian House in Fitzwilliam Square. We had visited the house before. Actually we had visited all of the sites before – but it was fun to revisit them all and I was impressed with the amount that the girls remembered from each place. Anyways our favorite thing about the Georgian House was the free apple juice and treats. Also it was so warm and dry. The girls sang a song here and won some really nice prints, which I may hang up on the walls in the dining room when we get home. The fun thing was that we all remembered seeing them on out tour of the house.

The very last trek (not including the final trek to the bus) was back to City Hall. We clocked in. They had run out of final surprises – but since we were holding a DVD player, we didn’t feel too bad.

 On the way to the bus we stopped and had the most chocolaty cake we had ever eaten. The girls figured we walked at least 2 miles. I figure we may have walked double that but since we had a few more steps before we were safely seated on the bus, I remained quiet.


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