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Wednesday in London by Ann Treacy
March 30, 2008, 7:52 pm
Filed under: London

Wednesday was our last day in London. It was a fun but hard vacation. We were all a little sick, which made things hard. Our room was tiny – a double bed and a single for 5 of us. The hotel was farther away from the Tube station and the action than we wanted.

On the flip side we saw a ton! And I know it won’t be 15 years until the next time I’m in London.

Wednesday morning we went to the Natural History Museum. It rocks! Again I was amazed by the numbers of people going through the door. There was a steady stream of going through the door the whole time we were there. But the place is huge so, it didn’t seem too claustrophobic.

We took some video and pictures so I won’t say much more about it. We want our cousin Molly to know that we thought of you the whole time.

After the museum we had a final lunch with Patrick’s brother John.



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hey hey hey its me rose christy hi guys how is school?

Comment by rose

I think the dinosaurs are cool because they move.

Comment by Sean Lynch

wow, I am not really thinking I need to visit the tower of torture. thanks for the “blair witch” photography of that. it was gruesome enough! Beth

Comment by Beth Schupp

Hi rose school is fun it’s just I hate the kilts and for gym we were sweat suites plus no boys at all! Hi sean I like the dinosaurs too!-lily

Comment by lily10q

Beth – you should have seen the video I chose not to use! Ann

Comment by Ann Treacy

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