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Gulliver’s Travels by Ann Treacy
April 21, 2008, 10:44 am
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Gulliver’s Travels is the book selected for the One City One Book program in Dublin this year. So this weekend we have been celebrating Gulliver’s Travels.

One Friday night Patrick and I went to see Eamon Morrissey do a performance on Gulliver’s Travels and Jonathan Swift. It was great. I forgot how very funny Gulliver’s Travels is.

I described just one scene from the show to the girls the next day and they are both looking forward to reading the book now. Here’s the quickest, cleanest take I can give. Gulliver travels to lots of lands. He starts with Lilliput, the land of the little people. He is a giant, they capture him, but eventually release him on his own recognizance. So he tries to help around town by doing many tall people deeds.

Well, he was out one night and there was a fire in the castle. He was sad to see that the castle might be destroyed. So he decided to step in. Unfortunately it was a big fire. Water saw too far away to fetch and the fire was too big for him to just spit it out. Fortunately he had been drinking and had a very full stomach. SO I won’t finish it but I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out how he put out the fire. I will add that I was not surprised to hear that although the castle was indeed saved, the queen did not want to move back into it after the incident.

(Another terrifically gross work by Swift – A Modest Proposal. I made Patrick read it to the girls – they thought it was very gross.)

After the performance Patrick and I went to a tapas bar for yummy appetizers. Eventually I dragged us to Bruxelles – the pub with the best music (not live) in the city and we stayed there too long but had fun.

On Saturday we were back to our travels for Gulliver’s Travels. We went into George’s Dock to see the giant sand sculptures of Gulliver. They were great. You can see them in the pictures below.

After the Gulliver exhibit, we walked down the docks to the port, a walk I had never done before. Along the way we took a few pictures or statues (famine memorial and eternal flame), I took a picture of everyone across the Liffey from where U2 will be building a huge hotel. I think that will be a fun picture after they have renovated this area, which is already starting. I also took a picture of U2’s recording studio while we were on the U2 trail.

The girls were great walkers! (Well except for Aine who was in the stroller.) We ended up popping into the Pearse Street Library, where they had another Gulliver exhibit.

They also have Nelson’s head. There used to be a controversial, large, granite pillar topped by a statue of Horatio, Lord Nelson, located in the centre of O’Connell Street in Dublin. It was destroyed by a bomb in 1966. (You can learn all about it on Wikipeida.)

Nelson’s Pillar was replaced by the Spire in 2003.

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You’ve apparently blocked the puppets from your memory.

Comment by Jim

Sometimes we repress memories for very good reasons. I hope the nightmares don’t start again. Thanks Jim!

Comment by Ann Treacy

That was a fun play, wasn’t it? I’d never actually seen a constipated puppet before. It’s nice to have new experiences.

Comment by Jim

[…] by a bomb in 1966 and replaced by The Spite in 2003. (Careful readers will remember that we saw the head from Nelson’s Pillar at the Pearse Street […]

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