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Ed McMahon says: Dun Laoghaire, TechnoThreads, Drumcondra by Ann Treacy
May 4, 2008, 10:10 am
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Carnac answers: Three places we visited this week.

Dun Laoghaire

Last Sunday we went to lunch in Dun Laoghaire. So while many of my friends in Minnesota we getting slammed with a foot and a half of snow – I was walking down Dun Laoghaire Pier.

This is our least creative activity for a Sunday but it’s always good. I took a couple of pictures.


I forgot the camera, I could have cried. It was so cool. We are going back (to the Science Gallery) so that I can get some pictures so I won’t say much today except to describe a couple of the exhibits. First there were the hugging shirts. They are set up with sensors and blue tooth. So you give a shirt to your friend, and then if you hug yourself with your short on your friend will get a hug through her shirt.

Also there was a shirt made a Guinness, a shirt made a red wine, and a an organic short. There’s also an area where they are growing organic leather through mice cells. (OK when I go back I’m going to double check that one.) The shirts are about Barbie-size but it is a look concept.

Finally there’s some kind of combat shirt. It reacts to your fight/flight response. Or maybe the shirt’s response helps you decide which way to go. It’s was not working the day we were there – but again I’m hoping to go back.


On Wednesday we went to St Patrick’s College in Drumcondra for the second annual celebration of John McGahern’s birthday. McGahern was an Irish poet, who went to St Pat’s. The event was organized by our friend Derek Hand. It included a talk and reading by Colm Toibin, an Irish novelist.

The event was very nice. The talk was good. There was food with the wine afterwards, which I always think is a smart addition. There were some bigwigs in Irish Literature at the event. The campus is a little bit like the College of St Catherine back home, (which is a nice).

My favorite thing of the night happened on the bus on the way home. St Pat’s includes a big teaching college. The teachers-to-be were having a big dinner dance or party. The teachers-to-be were drinking a little too.

So, we got on the bus with a group of tipsy young women dressed to the nines. There were very loudly talking in Irish. (I think you still need to know Irish to teach in a national school.)

They started to talk to some young guy – first in Irish. Clearly he didn’t speak Irish any better than I do. He gave the same tiny phrases that I would know. Finally he said. “I might be Irish but I don’t speak it.” To which they replied that they were going to be national teachers. To which he replied. “So why are you drinking on the bus?”

It was a great line and I feel he could have gotten many teacher-to-be phone numbers if he had tried.

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