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Monday at Fair Hills by Ann Treacy
August 14, 2008, 3:48 pm
Filed under: Detroit Lakes

It rained. We did get our 3 mile walk in at 7 am – but the sprinkles started just as we pulled into dock. Then it rained until later in the evening when it poured.

But you know what you can do when it rains – go swimming. So we spent some time in the pool before lunch. Monday afternoon we played family games. Larry and the crew set up a bunch of fun events; they got moved indoors but they happened. The highlight was the minnow race – which you can see from the picture with the troughs. The kids put minnows into the troughs to see who wins.

There are a lot of little kids up this week. So there are plenty of playmates for Aine, who has no trouble walking up to meet people. There aren’t as many kids for the big girls but that’s OK. There’s plenty to do regardless.

Monday night was international night – something they only do once a year here. All of the international students working at the resort give a presentation on their home countries and cook traditional food to share. It’s really interesting. There were presentations from Poland, Ecuador, Moldova, Turkey, Italy, and Switzerland. I have a couple a videos from their presentations.

I think I’ve mentioned that we eat like pigs here. We get breakfast, lunch and dinner in the dining room. Each family has one server for the whole week. Our server is Agata, from Poland. She is very thoughtful. Of course we especially enjoyed hearing her presentation – also after living in Dublin with such a huge Polish population it was fun to learn more.

Also in the video are Italian gestures and belly dancing from Zehra, from Turkey. I had a chance to talk to Zehra too as she cleans our cabin. She was also so friendly and nice. I have her email address in case he ever get to Cypress, where she now lives. (Who knows, naybe we will go next time we’re staying in Dublin.)

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