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Fairmount Block Party by Ann Treacy
August 30, 2008, 2:25 pm
Filed under: St Paul

On Saturday we had our annual black party. It started around 5:00 and ended around the bonfire around 1:00. The game of the party was “What in the Greenheck is it?” (The Greenhecks live on the block. Pete G. has a great sense of humor – maybe too good as we were all a little nervous about the game but it turned out to be great.)

There was also a baking contest where everyone was declared a winner. The contest is generally judged by viewing the treats, not tasting them. Think icing! There was a talent show; maybe we’ll get Simon Cowell to scout for talent next year. And the grand finale for those who are tough enough to stay awake is the bonfire.

One of our neighbors has a driveway (otherwise we all have garages in the alley.) So we always cook on their driveway. Lucky them, they got back from their big vacation in the UP just in time for a burger. (Imagine coming home after a long drive to have your home and yard invaded!)

It was a perfect ending to summer!

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