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Our State Fair is a Great State Fair by Ann Treacy
August 30, 2008, 2:49 pm
Filed under: St Paul

On Sunday the girls and I went to the Minnesota State Fair with someone who loves the Fair as much as we do – Anita. We saw a ton – we even hung out at the seed building. We were on the look for things for a scavenger hunt for next weekend (which I still need to pull together). I don’t want to give too much away but our highlights included:

The Eco Experience Building – tons of fun things for kids. Plus if you make a video of your favorite food experience you get a free deck of local food hero playing cards. I’m thinking of drawing Uncle Billy into one of the cards.

The Miracle of Birth Building – we saw three pigs being born. Definitely gross and cool and the same time. The girls wanted to hang on for births two and three. Pigs are only pregnant for about 16 weeks – but they give birth to about 12 at a time. Anita is our new hero as she emerged from the barns and had a pork chop – now that’s tough!

Food glorious food. We had cheese curds, mini-donuts, hotdogs, egg rolls (different but still OK at the International Bazaar), and cookies.

Sesquicentennial – and it’s not just because I do the web site.

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