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Civic Fest at the RNC by Ann Treacy
September 8, 2008, 5:29 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis

In our effort to do everything related to the RNC except attend the RNC, the big girls and I went to Civic Fest on Thursday. Grandpa dropped us off downtown. I have to say the traffic was no worse than ever and the security was minimal. We saw some heavily armed cops – big night sticks but that was about it. And they must have been at the end of their shift as they were getting pictures taken by friends.

Civic Fest was dead. There were very, very few people there. I’m not sure if that was the case through the whole week, but I think it was. Originally I think the cost was about $15 per person although kids were free. By the time we got there (their last hours open) everyone was free.

We did get to see some cool things that the girls enjoyed. There was a huge replica of the White House. You could see into it and it was completely furnished. Aine would have loved it; we were sorry she wasn’t there. We got to walk through a replica of Air Force One. We got to see samples of various presidential china patterns. They also had sample dressed from all of the first ladies. We though Dollie Madison’s was a little risqué. Lily did a report on Zachary Taylor a few years ago, so she was excited to see a few things about him.

It was like a little taste of the Smithsonian and made me realize that we really need to go to Washington DC at some point. The kids would love it. The kids enjoyed the Civic Fest.

There was an area dedicated to Minnesota and the Sesquicentennial. I took a video of that area for the Sesqui Blog.

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Well you do still need to go do D.C.!

Comment by James Bond

Some day – I just wish we could drive it.

Comment by Ann Treacy

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