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Obama Wins! by Ann Treacy
November 8, 2008, 2:59 pm
Filed under: St Paul

So we had the Election on Tuesday. It took me 15 minutes to vote – There was a line and that’s unusual in my neighborhood but 15 minutes isn’t bad. If I had waited until 10:00 I think I could have walked right through.

Throughout the campaign we had no phone calls and no door knockers contact us about the Election – until the last 48 hours. Then we had several door knockers, all for Obama.

The girls and I went to Grandma and Grandpa’s for the results. We started watching at 6:00, which is when the polls our East close. It looked like a close race for the first 2 hours. We got some emails from Ireland, which was fun. You kind of forget that people are watching from afar.

Nothing had been decided when I took off with Kathleen and Sheila to the DFL headquarters downtown. First it was fun to go with Kathleen who knows everyone. I knew a few online reporters but she knew everyone. Second it was fun to be with a big group when they called the winner.

One funny thing – the kids did nothing related to the Election at school. No mock debates, no mock votes. They were told that votes were secret, which I guess is true. I hope that the older kids did something. I’ll have to ask a babysitter. I think they missed an opportunity – but then my own alma mater made the same mistake on a much larger level.


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