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Roller Girls by Ann Treacy
November 27, 2008, 11:47 pm
Filed under: St Paul

So one of the things I missed most when we were in Ireland was the Roller Girl bouts. So last Saturday night we all went. We went with Anita and Uncle Billy.

The Roller Girls skate in the Roy Wilkins. It’s flat-tracked roller derby, which I think has to be a lot harder than a banked track.

Here’s the scoop on the bouts. Usually there are 2 bouts a night (well game night). Two teams play each bout. There are four 20-minute periods. The teams that skate first also skate third. There are several jams in each period. A jam is a scoring opportunity and it lasts 2 minutes or until the lead jammer calls time.

So each team has a jammer, pivots and blockers. Only the jammer can score. The object of the bout is to get your team jammer out ahead of the other team and each time the jammer laps the rest of the group, the team scores.

OK, I don’t really know the nuances – but that’s about it. You can bump and block out other skaters. The skating this time was markedly better than when we left and that blocks looked super painful.
We caught some of the match on video.

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