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Snowshoeing at Fort Snelling by Ann Treacy
January 12, 2009, 12:49 am
Filed under: St Paul

We are not winter people. Really we only stay in Minnesota because we live in eternal hope for a snow day. Mostly we try to ignore the snow and the cold – especially on a year like this when it’s been really cold and really snowy.

Today that changed – well it changed for the day anyways. We went to the Winter Trails event at Fort Snelling. It was pretty warm – about 20 degrees and very sunny. So a perfect day for the event!

REI had snowshoes for kids and adults to try. We each got a pair and we stomped around for about 30-40 minutes. It was fun. My toes were freezing, since naturally I don’t have boots or a winter coat for that matter but it was still fun. There were also people (maybe REI again) handing out GPS tools to try out and some geocache prizes setup.

Geocaching is when you get the coordinates for a prize and then use the GPS to fin the prize. I’ve always wanted to try it – albeit I envisioned trying it in June not January. I don’t know how well we did. We did find the prizes but I think we can thank my new glasses for that more than our orienteering skills – but either way it was fun.

Lily and I took a little trek on the Minnesota River – as Lily said so that we can now tell people that we have walked on water. We saw deer on our way out of the park. Kate thought that the deer probably felt safe enough to come out now since hunting season is in November.

They also had a big old fire pit going to warm up when we were done. We had so much fun that I’m thinking about buying boots, or a jacket or waterproof mittens to get ready.

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