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Weekend in Duluth by Ann Treacy
April 12, 2009, 6:34 pm
Filed under: Minnesota

Last weekend I had an unconference in Duluth. I wrote a ton about the unconference itself on the Blandin on Broadband blog (if you’re interested). The super quick take is that a group of folks who use web 2.0 tools (especially in rural Minnesota) all got together to talk about why and how we use those tools. It was fun.

The family came to Duluth with me and we stayed an extra day for a vacation. Here are some of the highlights:

  1. We stayed at the Inn on Lake Superior. They have s’mores every night at 8:00. Who doesn’t love that?
  2. We walked up to Fitger’s for dinner on Saturday night. We were led by Mary M and her family from Grand Rapids – so they knew the ropes. The food was good and the beer is locally brewed. The best part was that it was a nice walk up the boardwalk to get there.
  3. You can see some picture of the girls walking out to some structure in Lake Superior. It was an easy walk out on the ice on Friday night – by Monday I think you’d have to swim out there. So we were there at a perfect time to see how the ice goes out.
  4. The hotel had two pools. There was an outdoor pool on the roof, which is open in all seasons. It’s nice and warm like a hot tub. We were there on a sunny day so it didn’t feel too cold making the long walk from the door to the pool – even though it was probably about freezing outside.
  5. The second pool was a more regular pool inside – but there was a Jacuzzi there too. So that was fun for a dip too.
  6. The girls tracked down the ugliest animal/amphibian I have ever seen in a local book store (Northern Lights Books). It was a zombie frog. It floated at the top of the fish tank like it was dead. And it was so pale and white – and that’s coming from a family that understands pale and white! Apparently it’s nocturnal. We did see it dive to the bottom – where it somehow looked even uglier than before.
  7. We saw a huge ship leaving the harbor – which is particularly cool to see when there’s still so much ice on the lake.
  8. We had brunch at a place (Hell’s Kitchen) where the staff wears their pajamas.
  9. We had two TVs in the hotel room and we all got to watch as much cable as we wanted.

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