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Strange Day in Minneapolis by Ann Treacy
May 24, 2009, 12:34 am
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So my hope is to go back and post articles from the last month. I have the photos; I just need to get the time – but I have to talk about our strange day in Minneapolis today.

Let’s start by saying we didn’t know where we were headed when we got into the car. I don’t know if you ever do that – but it’s not the best start. Some people think we’re going to Minnehaha Falls; some people think we’re going to the Open Eye Figure Theatre.

After much heated debate we head to Open Eye. We don’t really have good directions; it’s not really in a great part of town. But we find it. Then we have to grab a quick lunch before the show.

We drive down Franklin and see the Franklin Street Bakery. Score! I’ve always wanted to go there. They have parking, they have sandwiches, they have amazing cupcakes and they have tables on the sidewalk. Score!

We set up to eat outside – and see that there is a fight just down the block. A real fight with grownups. So, undeterred we move inside. We squish into a small table and start to hear sirens. So I guess the fight 10 feet away got a little heated. Lily is beyond nervous, Kate’s a little curious and Aine’s a little oblivious (thankfully!).

So we eat quickly and drive around (the not great neighborhood) for 30 minutes. Then we go to the theater. Patrick is crabby! But the theatre is very cute. Your ticket in is a balloon. The theatre seats fewer than 150. We’re going to see Dummy, which is billed as a vaudeville sort of thing, which makes us nervous but we’re excited to see the show.

I have to say that the show was brilliant – very, very funny! It’s part hokey, part really impressive, mostly very funny facial expressions and clown-type improv. Ten minutes into the show the clown needs a helper/target and selects Patrick. Aine and I (3 seats away) were laughing so hard I was crying.

In retrospect Patrick was lucky. He never got out of his seat and he never had to imitate a chicken – unlike the last volunteer they pulled from the audience.

Science Museum by Ann Treacy
May 16, 2009, 2:44 am
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We took a trip to the Science Museum. We went for the show on water and to see the Omni movie – he Lewis & Clark show. The girls thought it was interesting that while there were whole crews on the voyage that only Lewis & Clark get credit. Also Sacajawea did the whole trip with a baby!

I was feeling a little behind at work – but then I was thinking about what it might be like to lead a group into the wilderness. To have to decide which way to go at every fork in the river and to know that every waterfall you went down, you’d have to go back up to return home. So I was feeling a little bit better about people having to wait for the web site updates.


Communion in Chicago by Ann Treacy
May 10, 2009, 1:52 am
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We went to Chicago for First Communion for Betsy and Sean. It was cold – but we had a good time. We drove in a convoy with Grandma and Grandpa. We go there in time for dinner on Friday night then we took a walk to get ice cream cones at the dairy bar. Everyone’s ice cream looked good except Kate’s – she got some neon green lime yogurt.

The Communion was on Saturday. It was very nice – pretty communiony. Then there was a party back at the Lynch’s house. There were sports in the afternoon – but it was pretty cold so some of us stayed home.

Saturday night the grownups went to Roy’s downtown for dinner. It was really good. What was fun that we saw a big, moveable statue of Mary. I think it was Millennial Madonna or something like that. I added a picture.

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