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Kilmainham Hospital – IMMA by Ann Treacy
June 29, 2009, 7:24 am
Filed under: Dublin

On Friday the big girls were to school and then to Ailbhe’s house. In fact they ended up spending the night there. Ailbhe’s family are just about the nicest people in the world. When he dropped them home today, Ailbhe’s dad mentioned that they hadn’t stayed up too late – maybe 1 am. I liked other parents who think nothing of late hours.

Anyways that left me, Aine and Patrick to hang with the Australians. We went to the Irish Museum of Modern Art at the old Kilmainhim Hospital. I love modern art! I had 3 faves:

Filament by Ann Hamilton. Really this was just a muslin-type drape hung up like a gauzy tent from the ceiling. It spun around periodically in different directions. So visitors were invited to stand in the middle of the tent while it swooped around. There was enough room for two people; Aine and I loved it. It felt like a breezy summer day.

There was a giant head carve out of wood. It was a little like a giant Pinocchio head – maybe a little creepier but I liked it.

The Mysterious Exhibition from the Children’s Hospital from Ilya & Emilia Kabakov. It  was a scene set up with a hospital bed in a hospital room circa 1930. There was a diorama set up with a little scene. It creeped out Aine but I liked it. Apparently they used to use dioramas like that to cheer up kids in the hospital.

For the interested minority you can see a picture of Filament and Mysterious Exhibition here: http://www.imma.ie/en/page_197017.htm 

Aine, Kilian and Aidan also enjoyed the response room – where there are art supplies for folks to make their own art.

We also liked the back gardens. It is beautiful there. We played a little hide and seek in the mazes. We took some pictures as you can see. We walked down to the cemetery on the edge of the grounds. It’s called Bully’s Acre. It was open to dignitaries and poor folk alike – but it was also know for body snatchers. So I guess you get what you pay for.

I called home at night and Grandma told Aine to remind Patrick that it was my birthday. So readers who are used to seeing me at the Saints game and are wondering what I did here to celebrate in Dublin – the answer would be a big goose egg. Plans are being made for a big party in August!!

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