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Very long Leitrim Way by Ann Treacy
June 29, 2009, 8:35 pm
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On Sunday we decided to go for a way. We wanted to walk up to O’Donnell’s Rock. We had a map and while the walk was long (9 km, which I think it 4miles or so), it was also pegged as moderate – not hard. So 9 of us set out to Manorhamilton, the next town over from where we are staying in Dromahair.

We parked and we started off. Our first hint should have been when within 10 minutes we had second guessed the map twice and were walking down a super narrow road to get to the trail. You know the kind of road you imagine in Ireland with just enough room for 2 cars.

Patrick found the trail. Julie and I would have missed it because for some reason this was the only sign that was a part of this journey that was in Irish.

So we started off straight up hill for about an hour. The view was beautiful! The kids were relatively spunky. Kate unfortunately has really been sick the 2 weeks she has been here – so it was tough on her but she was OK. So after an hour or so we got to the first marker. The markers (we thought) we great we followed them then through most of the walk.

We climbed over a fence to see the megalithic tombs, which it turns out look a lot like any other ruins you have seen. But they are thousands of years old – and aside from the view this was our first sighting of anything – so they were cool. So we walk for another hour – uphill but at least on the grass this time so the kids especially were much happier. Also we were in a sheep field – with the sheep so that was kind of exciting too.

Aine lost her shoes. So she went barefoot and/or got a lift on Patrick’s shoulders – as time wore on there was less bare feet walking and more shoulder time. Also she cried about the darn flip flops as if they cost more than $2 at Target.

We walked through a bog, which was pretty cool. Then we walked through a pretty murky bog, which was OK. We got to a place where we thought maybe we were looking at O’Donnell’s rocks. Everyone had a piece of well deserved fruit.

We trudged on. We walked through a forest, which was also pretty cool. It turns out that forest are very, very dark even during the middle of the day. We weren’t in darkness but we could see the darkness of the forest on either side of us.

The Julie looked at the map again. Hmmm. Seems following our beloved markers was not such a good idea. The markers led us through the Leitrim Way – but that’s not the walk we were taking and it’s not the map we had. And we didn’t know at all where that might lead.

So we turned around. If anyone had read “We Going on a Bear Hunt”, you’ll know what we did – expect no bear was chasing us. We booked it back past the forest, past the rocks, past the murky bog, past the bog, into the sheep field where we found Aine’s shoes and she cried again because this meant she had to walk, then past the megalith tombs, and down the hill.

All is all the walk took about 4 hours. It was hot. We made into back to Manorhamiton just in time – the Centra shop closed 2 minutes after we got our treats and it started to really rain about 4 minutes later.

The good news is that we really earned the beautiful meal that we had that night at the River Bank between Dromahair and Manorhamilton. If you ever find yourself near this area you will have to stop in. I had tiger prawns, salmon, sticky toffee pudding and wine. It was my belated birthday dinner from Patrick’s mom.

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What an adventure–sounds like one of Hercules 12 labors. I can’t wait to read about the other eleven. Miss you all, love Grandma T

Comment by grandma treacy

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