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Knocknarea by Ann Treacy
July 4, 2009, 9:22 pm
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Knocknarea [Nok-na-ray] is up. No matter where you start from, it’s up. We started pretty far down. It was another walk out of the same book that brought us the O’Donnell Rock. We felt better about this one because it was listed as an easy walk.

It would have been easy – if we were Billy goats! There are a number of mountains around Sligo – Ben Bulben and Knocknarea are most notable. Both look more like cliffs or giant plateaus. And really they can be seen from everywhere.

According to Wikipedia, Knocknarea is 327 meters high. On the top of Knocknarea is a huge pile of rocks – 20 meters high and 55 meters across, which you can also see from everywhere.

The pile of rocks is known as Queen Maeve’s Tomb. Here’s the mythology, according to Patrick:

Maeve was arguing with her husband Ailill about who was richer. They each listed their wealth. Then he said – I have the great, white bull of Connacht. Maeve realized she didn’t have that. But there was a great brown bull in Ulster, which she decided to try to steal. Cuchulainn protected the brown bull. After many battles. Maeve got the brown bull to Connacht but when the brown and white bulls met, they fought and the brown bull was killed. Shortly after Maeve died and now Maeve is reputedly entombed in the Knocknarea cairn in an erect position, in full battle regalia, facing northward toward her Ulster enemies.

Anyways back to the walk. It was about an hour up and 20 minutes down. The view was amazing. It was fun for the rest of the week to look up at Knocknarea (from the town, from the beach, on the drive back to Dromahair) and see how far we’d walked. I’ll try to add a picture that shows how high it is.

Along the walk we saw cows and sheep. Julie was so helpful getting Aine up the mountain. Lily was super helpful about helping Aine down the mountain. We saw one guy run up and down mountain. We expect to see him on a professional soccer team soon!

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Well done on the walk, it is a lovely place, great views.

Comment by magnumlady

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