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Infectious at the Science Gallery by Ann Treacy
July 10, 2009, 12:00 pm
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Regular readers may remember that I *love* the Science Gallery. We went to see their latest exhibit – Infectious. When you go in you get a RFID necklace. When you’re healthy the RFID does nothing. If you get infected, it blinks. It’s to show how quickly people can get infected.

One part of the exhibit grows bacteria from visitors. You just have to kiss the Petri dish – and they post them in the exhibit to grow. You can see a picture of Aine in front of the various dishes. In fact you could buy a coaster of your Petri dish, if you wanted.

There were several arty demonstrations of how different artist-scientists depict infection.

Lily took part in an experiment where they wanted to do something with her DNA – no cloning we were promised. Most of the experiment is happening now that they have her DNA. Lily got to help isolate her DNA – so that was cool. The student scientist did a great job describing what DNA is for Lily. We can look up how her DNA is doing online – though she said we should wait a week or so.

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The picture of Aine looks exactly like Ann in 1980 when she got her ears pierced.

Comment by Katie

Hey getting your ears pierced hurts!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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