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Temple Bar Circus Festival by Ann Treacy
July 12, 2009, 11:20 am
Filed under: Dublin

This weekend was the Temple Bar Circus Festival. We went yesterday. (Woo hoo!) But forgot the camera. (Boo!) We started out the day with lunch in Dun Laoghaire. It was a nice lunch but between nice lunches and staying with the people who own the house where we are house sitting – it was a lunch too far for the kids. I was going to hog tie Aine by the end of it. She has really perfected her burping, which makes her a less than desirable dinner guest for most of us.

After lunch we headed into town. The Festival was great. The Temple Bar Culture Council sponsored various street acts to perform throughout the day. Between yesterday and today we saw about 5 acts. My favorites were the jugglers today – although our front row seats might have edged them into first place over the guy who balanced on a very tall pole. (I’ve included some pictures of my fave act since I had the camera today.) The acts that we saw were juggler/acrobat types. We saw a lot of men in neon leotards – I’m thinking not everyone can say that about their weekend.

The other nice thing about today is that we had a leisurely lunch at the Meeting House market. The girls and I had fried dumplings, a skewer of prawns and chocolate crepes. Very easy, very tasty! We missed the Meeting House Market while we were home.

Back to yesterday – we watched the circus performers until 7:00 or so. The weather was grey but dry and pretty nice. We started to head home with a shortcut through Trinity College. We ran into a very casual game of cricket. Our Australian cousin is a big cricket fan and player. In fact all of this activity while The Ashes (big cricket tourney) have been on over the last week has probably all but killed him. We decide to watch some of the game even before we saw that there was a pub with a beautiful patio on the other side of the field.

So the end of my stressful Friday was a fun pint learning all about cricket from someone who really loves the game. I feel as if I could watch and understand a game now – though Julie (mom of the athlete) warns me that cricket is not a quick game.

The end of my not-stressful Saturday is much wetter. It started raining at 4:15 and has not stopped; it’s now 10:00. They had predicted rain all day so we consider ourselves lucky to have had it start so late in the day.

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