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Arty Crap Shoot by Ann Treacy
September 13, 2009, 4:24 pm
Filed under: Minneapolis

I have a new favorite pastime – buying mystery art for $99.

The Soap Factory, an art gallery in Minneapolis, has a fundraiser where you can buy any work of art for $99. The art is all the same size – about 5×7 inches. It’s not framed and it’s not signed. Some is worth more than $99; some is not. You don’t find out who the artist is until you buy the work.

I went with Anita, who is always a good sport and I bought 2 works. One was by Lindsay Roth, a painter from Inver Grove Heights.  Her piece reminded me of the exhibit we saw in IMMA in Dublin. The other was by Katherine Rochester, a program manager from the Gallery. I just liked that one.

The next day when I went to pick up the art, I let Aine pick out a work too. She picked work my Liz Miller, who I feel is the most established of the artists we selected. Maybe Aine has a calling.

Luckily this is not an ongoing event or I would own it all. I loved going through the art and trying to decide were possibly valuable. Also I like the idea that you pick what you like – not what’s valuable to someone else. Also I like that you just get the artists name so then if you’re not so knowledgeable in local art you have to go home and stalk the person.

My plan is to frame everything and put them in the dining room. I might get the girls to do works that are the same size and frame them too. Then guests can guess which are ours and which are gallery pieces. Regardless I will definitely be going to the next arty crap shoot!

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