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Ron Paul at the University by Ann Treacy
September 27, 2009, 4:09 pm
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ron_paulSo on Friday night I went to see Ron Paul and Michele Bachmann at the Northrup. I thought there would be a ton of people there – but there weren’t really. The audience didn’t fill the main floor at the Northrup. The crowd was divided into at least three camps. There were the Paulites, the protestors and the Bachmann fans.

Somehow Kathleen and I scored second row seats. My only disappointment was that Billy couldn’t be with us. I think the folks ahead of us were Bachmann supporters. So I tried to avoid them. It was funny to watch them sort of argue about who would sit where – in the best seat in the house. Behind us were some Ron Paulers. Otherwise the rest of us in that little area were kind of nondescript. The protestors were all on one side – and were focused on health care. Well there were other comments in the audience but that one group of placard-carrying protestors.

It was interesting to hear the speakers. I have to give them props for starting on time and really most folks were pretty quick. They knew that the crowd wanted to see Ron Paul. Even Michele Bachmann wasn’t as long as she could have been. I’m going to try to not say anything about her since I’m working with the girls on the credo – if you can’t say anything nice, say nothing. I’ve got a lot of nothing to say about Bachmann. (Except that maybe someone who is her friend should clue her into the fact that the Soviet Union is no longer.)

I got a little bit of Ron Paul on video – and then my Flip ran out of batteries. I don’t agree with him on all of the issues – but I have room for a lot of what he has to say. He advocated: bringing the troops home (all of them), adding transparency to the federal reserve bank and others, living and let live and speaking out when you disagree with the government. It was funny to see Bachmann applaud some of his point that you know she just doesn’t believe. I went in part to see how they would handle those differences. Ron Paul spoke as he always would and she clapped.

One of the historical aspects of the day vis-a-vis Ron Paul is that Congress started to look at his bill (HR1207), the Federal Reserve Transparency Act on Friday. So that came up a lot too.

The event lasted almost two hours. Afterward I got to shake Ron Paul’s hand. Again I was so sad that Billy wasn’t with me.

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Anyone interested in getting Michele Bachmann out of office should check out Democratic candidate Dr. Maureen Reed. She’s going to wipe the floor with Michele Bachmann, but needs support!

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