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Snow in Dublin by Ann Treacy
January 2, 2010, 2:49 pm
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We flew out on December 29. It was the worst flight ever. No TVs in the seat; turbulence the whole time. And the plane was way too small to be crossing an ocean. I hate flying – but when the flight is good I’ll admit it. This one wasn’t.

We arrived to a day of rain. Ugh!

Then on New Years it started snowing! We know what to do with snow! We like snow!

For New Years we all walked up to the pub for dinner, the pub being a place where you don’t need reservations, even on New Years. The food was good and there was a fun buzz in the pub. I hope you can see the snow on the way there.

On New Year’s Day we saw that the snow had stuck. In fact here it is January 2 and the snow is still here. It’s not a lot of snow maybe an inch or two – but apparently enough to shut down the city. Yesterday Patrick was going to take the girls to see a movie (the only thing open on New Year’s) unfortunately, the buses were not running.

The fun thing is that everyone thinks I’m very tough here because I don’t mind being outside when it’s 28 degrees. It’s better than when we lived in Spain and everyone thought I was such a good eater because no one ever served me fruit or vegetables.

So we’re here and that’s good. We’re a little trapped in Cabinteely. Everyone is a little sick so that takes the edge off being trapped. I told Patrick we were going to the pub tonight no matter what – so that should lighten the mood. The girls start school on January 7 – despite what they might say, that should help make the transition here a little easier.

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Sounds like an interesting few days! Hope you are all well! From the Dowlings

Comment by Kate Dowling

We’re just about getting by. 🙂 School starts on Thursday – thankfully!

Comment by Ann Treacy

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